MBMM Hospital

Management Of MBMM Hospital

Mar Baselios Medical Mission Association is a charitable Trust registered under the Travancore Cochin Literacy, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act XII on 1st January 1977. MBMMA is under the ownership and auspices of Mar Thoma Cheria Pally, Kothamangalam. All organizations related to medical fields are managed by Mar Baselios Medical Mission Association (MBMMA). MBMM Hospital is governed by elected parish members, with his Beatitude Baselios Thomas-I, Catholicose of the East, as President. Currently MBMMA runs Mar Baselios Institute of Technology & Science, Kothamangalam, Mar Baselios Nursing School, Kothamangalam, Mar Baselios College of Nursing, Thankalam, Kothamangalam, Mar Baselios Dental College, Thankalam, Kothamangalam.

Director Board 2016

Mar Baselios Medical Mission Hospital is governed by the Board of Directors, consisting of selected members from the Board of Trustees. The President of the association is His Beatitude Baselios Thomas I, Catholicose of the East.

President of MBMMA Kothamangalam

Vice President
Mr. Binu (Mathew)
Kaippillil House, Kothamangalam

Mr. Salim Cherian
Maliyil House, Kothamangalam

Mr. Binoy Thomas
Mannancheril House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Basil
    Valayil House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Roy Paul
    Pazhukkalil House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. K.P George
    Koothamattathil House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Sajeev Joseph
    Thachamattom House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Babu C.K
    Cherupuram House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. A.V Eldhose
    Anachira House, Kothamangalam
Selection Board 2016

In all the institutions run by the church, the selection of staff to all posts and selection of students in the management quota is done by a six member selection board elected by the parish members from time to time. The representatives of the concerned institution and subject experts are included in the respective selection committee for each institution at the time of interview. The present selection board members are:-

  • Mr. Basil (Board Chairman)
    Maliyil House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Eldho Abraham (Binu)
    Palapillil House , Kothamangalam
  • Mr. V.V Ittan
    Vettiyamkunnel House, Kothamnagalam
  • Mr. Roy Mathew
    Malyil House, Kothamnaglam
  • Prof. P.I Babu
    Parekkara House, Kothamangalam
  • Mr. Issac Kora
    Mattamana House,Kothamangalam
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